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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if the notes don’t have my specific topic?

A: Our notes cover most topics and subjects across the HSC. On the rare occasion your school has introduced a new topic please contact us through the Contact page and let us know. We will have our 99 ATAR Club add the topic to the subject notes

Q: If I pay by Direct Bank Transfer when will I receive my notes?

A: As soon as the payment has cleared the notes will be automatically sent. This could take up to 3 business days.

Q: Are the notes hard copy or online?

A: Online


Q: How will I receive the notes?

A: If you pay via PayPal or using a credit or visa card you will receive the notes immediately after you purchase them and will be displayed on the following page. If you purchase through a direct bank transfer you will have to wait 3 businesses days for the funds to be received by HSC Notes and then they will be emailed to you.

Q: What is HSC Notes?

A: HSC Notes is an educational resources business based in Sydney, Australia. We solve, what was a a concerning problem in the Australian higher school education resources sector.

This problem was that textbooks, notes and study guides provided by large corporations were both expensive and proposed an inefficient and outdated way of studying.

Here at HSC Notes we realised, from first hand experience and from studies we conducted with over 10,000 year 12 students in NSW, that there were distinct methods that high achievers preffered and used to achieve their academic excellence.

We gathered a team of over 20 high achievers and worked on creating online study notes that were succinct and directly answered the syllabus dot points, so that less time would be spent on writing notes, and more time spent on practicing the use of the notes in essays and practice exams.

Q: Under what circumstances can I receive a refund?

A: A refund is only due if there was a section of information that was missing from the notes. In this case the missing topic/information will need to be outlined so that it can be added to the notes. Refunds won’t be given in any other circumstances.

99 ATAR Club

Meet the high achieving students and tutors who’ve written your awesome notes.

Soph Ramsay | 99.40 ATAR

Legal Studies, English, Chemistry & Biology

Edward Djizmedjian | 99.35 ATAR

Physics, Maths 4U, Business Studies

Josh Hare | 99.25 ATAR

Chemistry, Engineering Studies & Maths Ext 1

Adam Miller | 99.00 ATAR

Modern History & Advanced English

Peter Zavvos | 99.70 ATAR

Economics, Physics, Advanced English & Greek

Karina Silvanian | 99.90 ATAR

Ext 1 English & Ancient History 

Level 6, 50 Carrington Street
Sydney NSW, Australia 2000